Scrambled egg blind cook off

Scrambled egg blind cook off

On Friday Kendal & District Lions teamed up with Sight Advice South Lakes for a unique challenge, aiming to promote awareness of sight issues and encourage people to get their eyes tested regularly. Scott Hemsley of Sight Advice took on the Mayor of Kendal, Councillor Andy Blackman, in a scrambled egg blind cook off. Their challenge: make the perfect scrambled eggs. However, both contestants were asked to wear glasses to simulate sight difficulties in order to better understand the difficulties faced every day by people with problems with their vision.

The Mayor wore glasses that simulated the effects of macular degeneration, a condition that causes blurred vision, making reading difficult, affecting how you see colours and even making faces hard to recognise. The NHS reports that age related macular degeneration affects more than 600,000 people in the UK as is the leading cause of vision loss in the country.

He found the hardest part of the task to be opening a new container of pepper and having to guess the right amount of seasoning in the egg. Scott, who wore glasses that simulated retinal pigmentosa, a condition that can cause severe vision impairment, agreed with him.

Paul Waring, a catering tutor from Kendal College where the blind cook off took place, was impressed with the result, praising both contestants for adding the right amount of seasoning despite finding that part of the task so difficult.

The Mayor was especially struck by how everyday tasks, things that we take for granted as straightforward like preparing scrambled eggs, can become so difficult for those with sight hindering condition. and how important it is to look after your eyesight by getting regular checks.

Kendal & District Lions hosted this event as part of the sharing the vision campaign of Lions Internationals Centennial Challenge, celebrating 100 years of the organisation.